Let's Show You How to Trade Forex With Confidence & Rest of Mind.
Learn to trade without fear, knowing that you're safe no matter how crazy the market goes. Call 08185990414 for details.
Stop Trading Forex without Professional Support
Get Trade Signals, Market Analysis, Mentoring and Trade Support to Protect You from Crashing Your Trading Account.
This is Just Like an Online University for Forex Traders
After you have completed our three months intensive training, the goal is for you achieve 10% Monthly Returns

Our Program is Focused on People Who Prefer to Learn Forex From
Someone Who Will Tell them The Plain Truth.

The way Forex Trading is portrayed on the internet and mainstream media is far from the truth. Having experienced the crazy market behaviour of Forex for about 14 years now, this program was created to translate all these experiences into an easy to follow guideline for both beginners and experienced traders.

This is not just a training, it's a mentoring program which allows you to call when you need help, guidance and ideas to get better trading results. Are you a complete beginner in Forex Trading or you have been trading for several years with no tangible result?

Even if you have attended countless seminars on Forex Trading, read many books, downloaded indicators, robots and trading strategies without positive change in your trading. It might be getting to the stage where you are doubting whether Forex Trading is a viable business for you to continue with. But before you finally give up on the business, Just join us first (Even as a FREE Subscriber) and you will start seeing Forex Trading differently.

Here are Some of the Benefits
Our Membership Program Provides

You Stop Crashing Your Account Start Making Profits: We are dedicated to help you in growing your monthly profits. Research has shown that most Forex Traders know how to make winning trades but the problem is that they keep losing the profits they made back into the market.

This eventually leads them ending up with heavy losses at the end of the month. That is what we are here to solve in the Forex Trading Inner Circle (FTIC)

Trade Support Hotline & Weekly Analysis We Offer Coaching and Signals to members every week. Because Forex Trading can be a challenging experience for beginners, we provide the support and guidance to help new comers in starting a profitable trading that lasts for a lifetime.

Direct Access to Our Trade Support Hotline

As a student of FTIC, You can Call Ademola Oladoja Directly on His Hotline. (You Will Not Be Answered by a Machine) You Talk to Someone Who knows How it Feels to be a Trader

Weekly Signals & Trade Insights to Guide You

Every Week, You're sent Trade Insights/Opportunities and Shown in Video Format How these Opportunities Were Analysed, so You can do it Yourself.

Online Classroom With Easy to Follow Instructions

No matter how busy you are, You cant miss Classes. They are prerecorded. The training is Structured in such a way that you feel as if You're Sitting Beside your Coach as he Guides you Step by Step

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We're always available to answer your emails within 18 hours. If it's really urgent, call our Hotline: +234 902 7000 885