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A Scalping Session With Ademola

This is an Example of Having a Live Trading Session with me

Scalping Session 1

Scalping can be categorized from mild scalping to agressive scalping where some traders take 4 to 10 pips and leave the trade. Aggressive scalpers are the traders that mostly complain about spreads (The difference between the ask price and the bid price)

The scalping method I'm showing you here is a mild scalping method where you take 20 to 50 pips or more and you leave the trade and is based on the Forextreasuremap Trading System.

Scalping Session 2

This is what happened few minutes after we entered the trades in Session 1. And that is why scalping involves close monitoring of trades. When you are scalping, you have to be online and focused on observing the market behaviour.

In this session 2 you will also learn how to synchronize your timezone with the Forex calendar so you can set alarms for the time when high impact economic data or news will be released.

Scalping Session 3

Sometimes you need to just leave the good trade to continue running. Lot's of traders close the good trades too soon and leave the bad trades running.

We can be doing this scalping session together with you very soon on our telegram channel when you join the Forex Trading Inner Circle (That's If You are not Yet a Paid Member). If you're a paid member Please Expect your Forex DVD by the end of this month.

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Forex Trading Inner Circle Program.

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