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PROJECTSMART Copy Trading WebClass

A Trade Support Service from the Forex Trading Inner Circle

Please Read This Before Starting the WebClass. Continuing with this program is an evidence that you agree with the terms and conditions applied to Financial Trading in General. Forex Trading Inner Circle, Ademola Oladoja and other entities connected to this platform will do our best to adopt all ethical and professional means to protect your money from excessive risk. But please note that we are not liable to any form of indemnification on account of money lost in the course of executing the copy trades. Consider the capital you allocate for Forex Trading as Risk Capital.

LESSON ONE - Copy Trade With $1,000

Even if You Wish to Copy Trade With $200 Please Watch This This video explains the purpose of this program and some of the needed orientation to help you understand how the system works.

LESSON TWO - What You Should Expect as Results

Before you Start the Registration Process for our Copy Trading, It's Important that You Watch This Video Here we explain our principles of trading and philosophy. We want you to understand our approach to capital management and trading before you proceed.


This Video is to Help You Understand The KYC Documents Required If you are not a resident of Nigeria and you desire to Copytrade with us, you can use the accepted ID in your Location. Residents of the United States are not allowed.


Minimum Accepted Capital for Copy Trading is $200. Recommended Amount is $1000 or more If your capital is less than $1000, you are to use the CentNDD account explained in the video. Click on the button below to continue.

REGISTER WITH BROKER ($200 Minimum Deposit)

The Video bleow explains the process of setting up your account with the broker. After clicking on the link, follow the instructions in the video to avoid mistakes.

Upload Verification Documents

You Need Any of These Documents: International Passport, or Driving License or National ID. You can use your bank statement for your proof of residence. Please note. Zenith Bank Statement Cannot be used as Proof of Residence.

Funding Your Trading Account

The Funding Process is Automatic and Time Sensitive. Watch this video before funding. Please do not deposit more that the amount calculated by the payment system. Also make sure you deposit within 10 minutes of initiating the payment gateway. This video explains the process. (Better still, Call +2348185990414 before funding)

Make Sure you have watched the Video Above Before Clicking on the Button Below Multiply the amount of Dollars you want to deposit by 520 and make sure you have that amount in your account before continuing.
(For example 200 X 520 = N104,000)


If You Encounter any Challenges While Following these Steps Please Call +2348185990414 Please note that I don't receive calls at night. I'm available between 8am to 6pm GMT+1 Lagos Time Zone. You may send a WhatsApp Message if I'm not available to receive your call.

Contact Us

We're always available to answer your emails within 18 hours. If it's really urgent, call our Hotline: +234 902 7000 885

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