FTIC Certification Exams 25th July 2022

Answer all Questions. Question 1 Carries 40 Marks while questions 2, 3 and 4 carries 20 Marks each. You may submit your answers as a Microsoft Word Document attached as a WhatsApp message using the same WhatsApp line you have been using to communicate with your coach. You are to submit the answers by 10pm Tuesday 26th July 2022

Question One
Two Traders, trader A and Trader B traded for the span of 30 days. In the detailed history of Trader A, it was found out that he placed 20 trades and out of the 20 trades 18 trades were profitable while 2 trades were a loss. However, trader A lost 30% of his capital at the end of the month.

On the other hand Trader B placed a total of 20 trades when his trading history was examined. He lost 15 Trades and 5 of his trades were profitable, with this, trader B came out with a 10% return at the end of the month. Based on the 2 scenarios above, discuss the following.

Question 1 a. Mention 2 reasons why trader A came out in loss after winning 18 trades and losing just 2 trades.

Question 1 b. Explain what trader B might have been doing differently which made him to come out with 10% profit at the end of the month

Question Two.
Kindly submit Your Trade History for the past 30 days for review by generating a detailed statement and uploading it as a WhatsApp message.

Question Three.
Mention 4 Key things you should observe before choosing a broker

Question Four.
You Have $1000 in your trading account and with your analysis on AUDJPY, you discover that the ideal stop loss for the trade will be 300 pips. What is the lot size you will use to enter the trade and why?

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