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he Forex Trading Inner Circle Certification Examination

Instructions: Please Answer all Questions. Each question carries 25 Marks.

Remember to Send Your Full Name and email at the top of your Answers. Some answers require you to add screenshots of your market analysis.
Such screenshots are to be attached with description stating clearer explanation of the screenshots. Send your WhatsApp messages to 08185990414.

SUBMISSION: Submit your answers via WhatsApp only if you dont have a laptop. All WhatsApp submissions are to be sent to 08185990414
Or submit your answer in Microsoft Word format as an email attachment if you have a laptop such submissions are to be sent to

TIME: This exam question must be submitted on or before 11:00pm Monday 6th February 2022

Question #1.

You were given a capital of $10,000 to trade forex, and you want to determine your lot size

a. Write down the formula for calculating your lot size on a dollar account.
b. If it was a Naira account, write down the formula you would have used.
c. How many trades will you enter simultaneously (at the same time) using the lot size you got after adopting the lot size calculation formula.
d. What is the minimum lot size allowed in the metatrader client terminal.

Question #2.

Scan the entire assets available to trade on your metatrader based on the recommended timeframes given in your training, then show at least 2
of the best trade opportunities that can be entered by Monday 6th February 2022. (Do this analysis during the weekend)

Further Instructions for Question 2.
Send a screenshot of the chart you used to analyze the trades, stating your entry point, stop loss level and take profit level.

Also in the description, mention the following

a. The reason why you wanted to buy or sell,
b. The reason why you wanted to put your stop loss where it is
c. The reason why you placed your take profit where it is
d. Draw your trend lines on the chart

Question #3

What are the reasons why it's advisable to use multiple brokers as a Forex Trader? Give at lease 3 points.

Question #4

Why did you consider the two trades you posted in question number 2 as the best trades for Monday 6th February 20200
(Please give clear explanation with at least 3 points)

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