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It's me Ademola & Here's Why
You Have Not Heard From Me

I'm Also Sending You a Guide on Trading With a Smart Phone

In case You Have Sent me eMails and I Have not responded. You need to read this...

For about over a week now I was down with malaria and could not even pick calls at a stage. it was really weakening. But thanks to God I'm back now and we can resume fully with trade analysis, answering of questions and all the rest.

Today, I'm also fulfilling my promise to everyone following FTIC and trading with a Smart Phone.

You know how much I'm a big fan of using Laptops to trade Forex. But if what you have for now is a smart phone and you want to know how to open trades and close trades with the MT4 for Android. Then this video is for you.

There are many tools present in the laptop interface but absent on the mobile app, but there are still some tools you will find helpful which we will still explain in subsequent tutorials.

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