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Here is the Section Where You will be shown example trades based on the Renko Analysis

Now is the time to start entering trades and setting the parameters. Remember we are using the CTrader and not Metatrader. Please always use the volume of 1k or 0.01 for now.

Lesson One

Avoiding False Positives : If you have funded your account please let me know so I can guide you in getting your 100% Bonus. In this video you learn how to identify a true pyramid

Lesson Two

An Example Trade Using BitCoin: We are using Multiple Renko Intervals to Identify Where the Stop Loss Should be.


Setting Up Your Watch List There are lots of Currency Pair in Forex Trading but the goal is to select the best pairs that gives you money.

Lesson Four

Entering a Trade on EURCHF Based on the Renko Analysis You can follow this example to place your own trades and understand how the platform works.

Lesson Five

The Concept of Ms and Ws5 In the Renko Analysis there are two letters you should be conscious of "M" and "W" This last video in section one is to prepare you for the next section.


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