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I'm so happy that you are interested in joining our Forex Training and Mentoring Program. I assure you that by the end of your three month training with us, you would have understood how to trade Forex profitably even if you are a complete beginner who have not traded before.

Hundreds of Beginners and experienced traders like you have joined our program and benefited from the guidance and support we provide. I will be very happy to show you how the business of Forex Trading Works. To give you a clear detail of what you will enjoy when you join the program, I have listed the benefits you will receive as a member:

I Will Give You Access to These Things
When You Join the Program

Access to My Forex Trading University

As a student under our program, we will give you access to our one on one online coaching (It's an Online University for Forex Traders) Once your enrollment is complete, you will be sent a username and password which you will use to access the members area and start your training.

Receive Accurate BUY/SELL Trade Signals.

We also send you trade signals as a student under our program so that you will understand how the market works faster, you'll know where to buy, where to sell and you can make better trades from the start. We have a telegram channel which you will be added to, so anytime there is a clear trade opportunity we send you an alert through the channel.

I'll Give You My Forex Trading System

You will also be given access to my $1,970 trading system called the Forextreasuremap. That is the trading system that I developed since the year 2011. This trading system has been bringing me income from Forex since 2011 till today. In the program, you will be taught on how to use this same system to make steady 10%, 25% of your capital and more in profits every month.

You Will Be Shown How to Open a Practise Live Account (Not Demo)

On your first week as a student when you get to lesson three, you will be introduced to what we call a learning account. (This is not a Demo Account) If you have been trading Forex before and you keep losing, this aspect will greatly help you.

You will open this learning account which is a live account with just $20 ( Twenty Dollars Only). Then the broker we will introduce to you will escalate the money to 2000 (This is different from leverage) it's real money and you can withdraw the profits you make.

If You Have Been Trading Forex and Losing I will Help You

Even if you are already trading right now, you will be asked to stop trading your main account for now, and use the learning account to learn our system before you start trading larger amounts again. (By the end of your training, You will be very happy that you followed this directive)
So by the third month of your training, we want to see how successful you have been with the 2,000 our broker gave to you (Whether you made profits or you crashed down the money) This gives us a clear indication whether you are ready to trade live with a larger amount.

So by the third month of your training, we want to see how successful you have been with the 2,000 our broker gave to you (Whether yo made profits or you crashed down the money) This gives us a clear indication whether you are ready to trade live with a larger amount.

You Can Easily Reach Out To Me If You Have Questions

Not only that, you will be given access to our trade support hotline. This is a line you can call whenever you need clarification on an aspect of the trading system or you are confused in a trade. This same line is also availabe on WhatsApp, so you can chat, send screenshots etc.

This is Just Like Me Sitting Down Beside You and Showing You Everything

Through our online classroom, you can have access to this training anywhere you are and at anytime convenient for you (You need a SmartPhone/Laptop and Internet connection) This is just like me sitting beside of you and showing you how everything works. The only difference is that you cannot touch my body.

These are the Steps You follow
to become a member.

STEP #1. When you click on the button below this page, you will see the account details you are to pay to. Once you make payment, please send your full name and email. I'll need it to confirm your payment and setup your account.

The membership fee is $197 monthly, the program lasts for three months so you will stop paying on the third month. But if you are enjoying the program and you want to continue having access to our trade signals, mentoring etc. then you will be introduced to our VIP Membership Plan.

Instead of paying the three months at once, we prefer that you pay monthly because it renews your commitment to the program. It reminds you that you are spending money on the training and you need to take it seriously.

STEP #2. Once your account is setup, you will be sent your username and password. That is what you will use to login to the members area and start your training.

I will be so happy to welcome you into the program.
I look forward to making you a successful Forex Trader

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We're always available to answer your emails within 18 hours. If it's really urgent, call our Hotline: +234 902 7000 885

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