Welcome to The Second Month of Your Training. Please Make Sure You Have Studied Month One Properly Before Moving to This Level.

In this Month We are going to Revisit the Elliot Wave Theory in Combination With Candlestick Formations. You will also be shown more Market examples of How to Analyze trades based on Elliot Wave.

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This Section Prepares You For The Battle Ground of Forex Trading.

As a well trained Forex Trader, you should know what to do when things get tough. there are times you have done everything right and yet the market says you are wrong. So, what do you do in such situations?

Lesson Six

Market Entry using The Elliot Wave Pattern: Based on the parameters shown in the book of secrets. (The Book of Secrets is at the Bottom of this Page)

Lesson Seven

Trade Time Analysis: You need to Know the times when swing candles open and close, how long a trade will last using historical candlestick patterns.


Avoiding Stop Hunts You set your trade, the market hits your stop loss then starts to go exactly as you predicted. How do you avoid this?

Lesson Nine

How to Handle Bad Trades This lesson describes the two approaches to handling a bad trade. The Attack Method and the Defensive Method.

Lesson ten

The Attack Method of Handling Bad Trades When the market goes against your trade, then you can trade against your trade. this lesson shows you how.

Lesson Eleven

Congratulations! This is the Final Lesson This lesson is to prepare you for other CFD instruments you can also trade apart from Forex


In Addition to the Training You Have Received So Far, I'm adding a Further Bonus to give you a more In-Depth Knowledge of the Forex Markets. Below is a Video that Guides You on Installing the Average Daily Range Calculator.

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The Low Budget Forex Trading Formula is an Additional Training That Helps you in Understanding Further Possibilities in Market Analysis.


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Download The Book of Secrets

The book of secrets is a weapon and it should not be handed to anyone without proper training. That is why it's the last you will be receiving in this course. The First two modules which you received in month one and month two are to prepare you in handling this book of secrets. Please read it carefully and let me know if you have questions. Congratulations on reaching this final stage, I'm proud of you.

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