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After making payment, please WhatsApp or Text your Full Name and Email to (+234-818-599-0414) so we can confirm your deposit and setup your account.

You will be charged $197 Monthly. You need to remain a member for at least 3 Months to complete the training. If you will like to continue after three months, you will be added to the VIP Section where you continue receiving trade alerts, trade support services and latest training resources we add to the members area.

Payment Option#1. Remitly


Payment Option#2. Transferwise


Payment Instructions - Please Pay to:

Account Name: Ademola Oladoja
Account Number: 0029808008
Nigerian Bank: GTBank Plc

After making payment, please WhatsApp or Text your Full Name and Email to (+234-818-599-0414) so we can confirm your deposit and setup your account.

You can also call immediately after you have made payment Our timezone is GMT+1 and it may take 3 hours for your membership to be activated. You can also send payment notification to us via email ademola@forextradinginnercircle.com.

This is a Summary of What you get when you pay the Membership Fee of $197

Benefit#1. You gain Access to the Forex Treasure Map Trading System which guides you in knowing how to make 10% and above in monthly profits, when to buy, when to sell, the currency pairs to trade, how to manage risk and lots more.

Benefit#2. You will be given direct access to our hotline which you can call when you are in a trade and you need guidance on what to do, or you are not clear on an aspect in the training. With this, you have a coach and a mentor you can talk to when you're confused. So no need for guesswork.

Benefit#3. Instead of Trading Blindly, you will be given Trade signals and Market insights so you can understand where the price is going. With this, you make more profitable trades and remove guesswork.

Benefit#4. If you have been trading Forex for several months or years and you keep losing your money. Or you have already gotten yourself into trouble as a Forex Trader and you need help. We will help you in ending the losing spree and start a good life as a Forex Trader

You can never regret Trading Forex When you Follow the Guidelines we give you in this program.


Here is the Truth About this Program and Forex Trading: Forex Trading does not make you rich. It’s a business that can put food on your table and make you financially comfortable. Our promise in this program is to guide you in trading and making at least 10% returns monthly. Forex Trading requires a considerable amount of capital to start. Please do not Join this program if you are not capable of waiting for your training to complete before trading above $20. If you don’t understand this information, please call +234-818-599-0414.

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