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This is a sad story from one of our potential Members at FTIC

It takes just one minute to read this, it can save you from falling into the same mistake.

It happened this week. Just like most beginners, he was eager to understand how Forex Trading works and start trading as soon as possible but I advised him not to trade with real money yet, and he should also get a laptop for better trade analysis. I didn't hear from him for a while until yesterday evening when he sent me a text message on how he lost N100,000 on a his new Forex Trading Account.

He was convinced by a broker that he does not need to learn much before trading, they promised to provide him with the tools he needed and he agreed to fund his account as he was told. Unfortunately he wasted the whole money on the wrong trade with the wrong broker. He was so devastated that he sent me this message.

"I'm no more interested in Forex anymore, I have tried it with Rally Trade and they won my 100k, I found this as a complete gamble not a business" ~ Sani

I called him immediately after receiving the message and empathized with him. If he had listened when I advised him to Join the Forex Trading Inner Circle (FTIC) first and learnt the truth about trading, this would not have happened. Forex Trading is not a Gamble, it is a business involving proper analysis and discipline and you can succeed in it.

If you're reading this and you are new to trading. I will advise that you don't fall into this same mistake. It takes only N5000 to join the inner circle and now our potential member has lost N100,000 to a deceptive broker.

As long as you want to trade Forex. Joining the FTIC is a very important decision you need to make as fast as possible. And if for any reason you cannot to join right now, never allow yourself to be misled by these sugar mouthed brokers and coaches that wants to collect your money as soon as they can.

The reason the FTIC was established was to prevent beginners from falling into the hands of the wrong people and that is why the membership cost is so cheap. I felt so bad about what happened to our potential subscriber and will not want this to happen to you. So I'm opening the membership bonus for anyone that wants to join today, you will be paying lower monthly fees when you claim this bonus today.

That will be my contribution to help you in Trading Forex Successfully and avoid the wolves. To join immediately, click on the button below. You will be taken to our bonus page which contains more details about our membership program:

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