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To prevent spam and abuse, we prevent users from having access to other users' data such as names, phone numbers or email.

When a user sends a question or feedback through the platform, it's reported on our database and will be responded to depending on the current workload by our representatives.

Sending the same feedback or message successively or sending irrelevant messages through this platform will be flagged as SPAM. Users that engage in such activities may be banned without warning. Any suspicious activity or violation of our terms of use will attract account deactivation of such users without notification.


We do not sell display ads or send banner ads to our users. Most people find it annoying and we feel the same way. The FTIC app is supported by Ademola Oladoja, the founder of the Forex trading inner circle.

Financial Information and Advice

The content and information provided in this app is not to be taken as financial advice.. Please contact your financial advisor for proper counsel to your ability to engage in currency trading or other CFDs. The information given such as market updates, answered questions and training are for educational purposes only.

Information We Collect

FTIC collects user information and login activity on the app to improve our user experience. We do not sell or lease information of our users, each user's information is kept confidential on our secure servers.

User Agreement

By Installing this application on your phone, it implies that you agree to our terms of use, privacy policy stated above. Ademola Oladoja, Forex Trading Inner Circle or Fountainpenhouse Limited will not bear any liability for any money you make or lose as a result of using this application.

Forex Trading Inner Circle IS NOT an Investment Company. We do not collect money from individuals as investment and we do not have any representative or affiliate for the purpose of collecting investment deposits from individuals.

Risk Warning & Disclosure

Forex Trading or trading other CFD markets involves a considerable amount of capital and risk exposure. DO NOT Trade With Money You Cannot Afford to Lose. Do Not Take a Bank Loan or Loan from Friends to Trade Forex. Trade With Your Own Money.

Remember, Engaging in Forex Trading Without Proper Training is Dangerous!

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