The Forex Trading Inner Circle Full Year VIP Membership Explained - Please Read Carefully

For you to be on this page, It means you have already decided to transform yourself into a profitable trader. I am ready to take you by the hand in your journey to learn profitable trading, guide you till you become confident and profitable. In the end, you become one of my successful students who are enjoying a great lifestyle trading Forex. I'm glad you are making this decision today.

Here are more details on How the Program Works

Stage #1. The Foundation Course, The Forex Treasure Map & The Book of Secrets: These are what you will cover in the first three months of your mentoring. Please note that the three months are not marked by calendar dates, they are marked by achievements (In fact you can complete month one to three within 6 weeks if you are committed to the program). The goal is that you should be able to make at least 10% monthly Returns after completing the initial e modules.

Stage #2. Trading Assesment Phase & The VIP Trading Room: This is the stage where you go through the acid test and determine if you are emotionally and logically ready to face the wild markets of forex trading. You will be asked to submit your 30 day trading report so we can examine your performance and determine if you are ready to join the VIP Trading Room. At this stage you also write the Forex Trading Inner circle certification Examination to test your competence.

Stage #3. VIP Phase Two, Three, Four to Twelve: Apart from Forex Trading, there are many more assets with lots of opportunities. Each instrument has different ways by which it should be traded. So to prepare you for the dynamic nature of these category of assets, you are first introduced to the swing trading master class.

After this class you are then introduced to how to trade Gold, How to trade Crypto Currencies, How to trade Synthetic Indices, how to trade indices, how to trade stocks, how to trade indexes such as US30, Germany 40, AUS200 etc. You will be introduced to the unique attributes of these assets and how to profitably trade them.

By Enrolling for this Program, You're not Only Helping Yourself, You're Helping Everyone That Loves You and Depend On You.

Before you read on, it's very important that I tell you this. I have come across people who are willing to lose ten million naira trading Forex but they are not willing to pay for any legitimate training in Forex, they prefer free training. Good luck to those people! But this program is not for such category. In short, as a coach, I'm more interested in building relationships with people who understand how important and valuable their financial success is to their, families and personal life. I mean people who are ready to invest in knowledge.

I will not be giving you any unrealistic promises to entice you to join this program. I prefer to tell you the truth and if you accept it, then we proceed to the next stage. So, Here is the truth; There is a price to this, and I'm making it reasonable and affordable to almost anyone who is suitable to trade forex. Here is what I mean, the recommended capital you are expected to trade Forex with after your training is $1000. On the event that $1000 is too much for you to afford as a starting capital then you can use $300 deposited in a special trading account that reduces your risk (A Low Budget Trading Account).

So in order for me to show you the secrets I'm using to trade Forex which is working for me consistently, you are expected to pay N10,000 monthly for 12 months (Making N120,000) or you pay N100,000 at once and access the full year membership.

You don't have to Wait for 12 Months Before You Start Making Money in Forex. By the end of the First Three Months of Your Mentoring, You Should be Able to Make 10% Returns on Investment Monthly. That's $100 Monthly on your $1000 Account Or $30 Monthly on your $300 Account. This is better than crashing your money every month.

Pay N100,000 One Time Payment

You Cannot See this Type of Program at this Type of Price Anywhere Else in The World. We Checked and Searched and we Found None. If you are Curious, You can Check too and Let Us Know If You Found Any. That is How Confident I am About This


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