FTIC Mentor | A Mentoring App for Those Who Need Forex Trading Guidance from A Reliable Source.

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Version: 2.0

Target OS version: Q 10.0

Minimum OS Version: KitKat 4.4

Size: 11.464MB

Why is this Version of the App not on the Google Play Store?

From the 2nd of August 2021, the minimum API level of any Android App uploaded to the Google Play Store is API Level 30. This means such applications will not be compatible with phones manufactured in 2020 and below.

In other words, if this App was uploaded on the Google Playstore it will only be compatible with Android 11 phones. We want our subscribers to enjoy the FTIC Menoring App without any need for buying a new phone. So we decided to make this version available on our website, while we get ready for the Android 11 update (Which we will also upload to the Google Play Store very soon.

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What You Should Know About the FTIC Mentoring App.

Reliable Source of Training and Guidance on the Business of Forex Trading.

FTIC Mentor is a mentoring app for those who wish to learn how to trade Forex. It's just like having your Forex Coach in your hands on your phone.

You can access structured training and guidance through the classroom section of the app, you access trade insights and market analysis at the market insight section.


#1. Get support through our student support hotline.

#2. Ask questions and learn from questions asked by others.

#3. Access trade insights and trade signals.

#4. Communicate with a real human (not robots).

#5. Access trading tools for better market entry.

Explainer Video on How to Use the App

Watch This Short Clip to see the Features and Benefits of the FTIC Mentoring App.

We Have Simplified the Complex Nature of Learning Forex Trading.

FTIC is an acronymn for the Forex Trading Inner Circle. A learning platform created by Ademola Oladoja since 2018. The platform has trained over 2000 students and guided over 10,000 subscribers in both Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

You can download this app for free and access our orientation course. The paid version gives you access to more advanced functions.

Do you have Questions? Call +2348185990414 or send an email to ademola@forextradinginnercircle.com

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