These are The Two Elements in our Program to Help you Make Profits. During and After Your Mentoring

#1. The Mentoring Aspect: This is the segment where you will be shown step by step on how the Manual Recursive Algorithmic Trading Works. The Algorithm is based on the Forex Treasuremap Trading System and it's Optimized for Manual Trading.

#2. The Copy Trading/Trading Room Aspect: After Completing at least Month Three, you will be Asked to Send Your trade History so we can see How well you Have Adopted What You Learned. Secondly, if you Wish, you can Connect Your Account to our Master Copy Trading Account or join our Trading Room.

You cannot follow our full year mentoring program and still continue struggling with forex. It's impossible! The only condition where this program will not transform your trading results is if you did not follow the instructions you were given.

BEFORE YOU PAY FOR OUR PROGRAM, Join This Profit Class First, You'll Also Get A FREE Access To The 'Project SMART' Trading Room - A $97 Month Value FOR FREE!

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Your Access Link to the Training will be Sent to Your eMail Within 15 Minutes After You Have Signed Up This Profit Class May be the Most Valuable Training You have ever Seen, Since You Started Hearing the Word "FOREX"

If you're new to Forex Trading and you're seeing this, then Congratulations! Because you won't need to go through all the stress and frustration most people experience before finding out the secrets to profits from Forex Trading.

Our methods at the Forex Trading Inner Circle and the Project SMART program are not limited to Currencies. It can be applied to trading Metals, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and many other CFDs. We do not believe in shortcuts and inconsistent windfalls, our program is organised to give you a long term success and since you are probably coming across us for the first time, we are using this Profit Class to give you the first impression and make you assured that you are in the right place.

Our Focus is not Just About the Academic Side of Forex it's About Making Money in the Business Most of our students are busy and live in different parts of the world. That's why we made this program to go straight to the point and based on the practical side of the business. However, you cannot do a disjointed training for just few weeks and go straight to the wild markets of Forex. That's why our paid program gives you a three month intensive mentoring experience and make sure you have understood the business well before you commit considerable capital into the business. But before you go for the paid class, test us for free first.

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I dont know your past experience in Forex Trading, but I'm doing this to boost your confidence in Forex Trading and prove to you that truly, there are real opportunities in Forex Trading. When you like what you see, you can choose either to be my mentee and learn how I'm doing it or let me know if you're not interested. I'm not after your money, I just want to help.

I dont know if this is the first time you're coming accross my program, so there is a question I will like to answer even if you don't ask me. Have you ever wondered why there are people who claim to be experts in Forex Trading and they keep selling courses, indicators and signals to make money? I have wondered why they do it as well and found out that some are not actually making money trading. Instead, they make money by selling the courses. I don't want you to categorize me as one of them.

I'm putting all these resources together and helping fellow traders like me because I have passion for sharing what I know and making positive impact in the lives of others. No matter how affluent I am, I cant stop doing this. It gives me purpose and makes me happy each time I wakeup.

I'm giving you the opportunity to test our training and our trading system before joining us. This costs you nothing! You have nothing to risk but a whole lot of things to gain. Just click on the button below and you'll understand what I'm talking about.

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