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Trading Forex With The Android App

If You Have a Tablet PC or a Smart Phone With the Metatrader App, You will Find this Lesson Very Helpful

In today's lesson we are covering How to Trade Forex With a Tab (Tablet PC) or Smart Phone Using the Metatrader Client Terminal. As I always say, the Laptop or Desktop PC is the best tool for technical analysis.

But for the sake of mobility and access to your trade status while you go about your business for the day, Smart Phones and Tablet PCs are good for trade monitoring.

So In this video you will learn the basic tools in the App and how you can enter and close
a trade using your mobile device. Enjoy the lesson.

There is Another App Called the FXTM Trader which can be downloaded from the Forex Time Website

Apart from the mobile version of the Metatrader, in case you are using the FXTM Trader which is available on the Forextime Website. this video explains how to execute trades and use the functions available in the App

Please follow the tutorials and try practising on your device. The fact still remains that a Laptop is the best tool for market analysis which allows the installation of custom indicators, the use of special tools etc. But having a mobile device can compliment the work of using PC to trade.

In case you are yet to get your Laptop PC or you will love to access your trades on the smart phone. This video explains how you can manage your trades using the mobile app.

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