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Special Update for Monday 25th May 2020

Trade Signal for
Monday 25th May 2020

Currency Pair: AUD/NZD
Order: Instant Execution
Position: Sell Order
Take Profit: 1.03200
Stop Loss: 1.08880
Price of Entry: 1.07120
Deviation Allowance: +/- 50 Pips
Timeframe: Weekly
Projected Trade Duration: 5 Weeks

Special Note:

Entering a trade on a weekly chart does not mean the trade will automatically close after one week

Deviation means if the price has moved from the stated entry point less than 50 pips, you can still enter the trades.

Please use your lot size calculation formula and assess you capital strength before entering this trade.

If all these information is sounding like Greek to you and you don't understand what it means, please complete your month one training at FTIC before trading our signals.

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