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Dear Potential Member,
Lots of traders still find it difficult to make profits from the Forex even after several years of trading experience. I'm sending you this offer and sharing this information with you because I dont want you to waste your money this year.

There is a way of trading Forex without exposing your money to unnecessary risk and you can do it. I will like to show you this method in our upgraded three months intensive training. You can use either a smart phone or a Laptop to do it and it's simple once you learn it.

You can Invest the First Quarter of 2020 in Learning This Method and it will Pay You for the Rest of Your Life.

In this program you will practise the method with real money in our live trading room. Since you are still new to this approach you will be given access to a Learning account which you will open with N2000 (The broker we will introduce you to will escalate the money to 200,000 (This is real money, not demo trading) just follow the instructions we give you and you will be fine.

It is very likely that you have been lied to, or even scammed concerning this Forex Trading business in the past. That is why I want you to test this program for the first month and when you see how real it is, I will not need to convince you before you renew your membership for month two.

When you join this program and learn the method I'm talking about, it can pay back all that you have lost in Forex and become a source of steady income for you till old age.

Here are Things You Get From the Program

Benefit #1. You will be given access to our brand new trading room where you receive trade signals and market analysis. With this you can end the guesswork and get guidance on how the market truly works.

Benefit #2. You gain 24 hour access to our Online Trading University where you will be shown the method I'm talking about. Say goodbye to all those confusing indicators and misleading jargons, you trade with rest of mind (Even during the news)

Benefit #3. If you have been trading Forex before and you are losing your money, I will help you in ending the losses. You can make your money back and leave those regrets behind you with my guidance.

Benefit #4. You can easily reach out to me if you have questions. You will be given direct access to my hotline so you are not alone, you have a mentor who is there when you need him.

Compare This Program with the Type of Training Out There
and You will Find Our that This is Almost FREE

We intentionally made the price to be very low so you can try us for the first month and see that we truly know the secrets in Forex Trading.

The program is N5,000 monthly and you stop paying by month three. It's a three month program but because you have been a subscriber since last year, I will offer you the full year membership fee at N35,000. This will give you the first three month's training and the remaining nine months of trading room and strategy access.

The fact still remains that the bird is in your hands. you are the one to decide and we will close this offer by the end of this month of January.
The only reason why you have access to this information is because you have been our subscriber since 2019. As I assume, you already know that Forex Trading Inner Circle is a Program that can truly help you. This is a proven fact and you can verify if you wish.

In fact before you make payment, you can call me directly on 08185990414. If you have any questions about this program I will be happy to answer. We make this program so easy to join and ridiculously cheap because we truly want to help. This is not just about collecting your money.

Here is How to Join the Program

Option One - Pay N5000 monthly For Three Months: You just pay the membership fee of N5000 for the first month of your training. This is a monthly fee which means you pay N5000 for month one, N5000 for month two and N5,000 for month three.

Option Two - Pay N35,000 and get a Full Year Access (12 Months): You pay the annual membership fee of N35000 today and you have continuous trade support even after your training till the 12th month. This Offer expires on the 31st January 2020

Please pay to
Account Name: Ademola Oladoja
Account Number: 0029808008
Bank: GTBank

And after paying, the membership fee, please send your name and email to 08185990414 Via Text or WhatsApp

Once your payment is received, a confirmation message will be sent to you that we have received your payment. Just give us a few hours and your membership will be activated.
You username and password to the members area will be sent to the phone number you use in sending us your name and email.

Contact Us

We're always available to answer your emails within 18 hours. If it's really urgent, call our Hotline: +234 902 7000 885

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