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These are most frequent questions asked by potential students of the Forex Trading Inner Circle.

How Long is The Training?

The Training lasts for 3 Months. The months are not counted by calendar but calculated by your progress in the program. You can be in month one for several months if you refuse to complete the assignments given and follow the process laid out. It's a practical training (Not Just Theory).

How Much Will I be Making as Profits per Day in Forex Trading Especially when I Complete my Training?

In forex no one can determine how much you can make or lose daily. But as an FTIC student who have completed our training, you should be able to make 10% returns on investment monthly (after subtracting your losses from your profits).

How is This training Delivered? Where is the Location?

This is a mentoring program delivered through our online platform. It's just like an online university for Forex Traders. We dont use telegram for the Training, we dont use Zoom and we do not use WhatsApp for your classes. We have an online platform where you login with your username and password and you access the members are.

The training is in form of pre-recorded step by step videos so easy to understand that a 13 year old or 60 year old person will easily follow the process and get the desired result. Another good part is that you can call the FTIC student support hotline when you need more clarification on the areas covered in your online classes.

I Prefer Physical one on one Training not Online Classes. Do you Offer Physical One on One Training in your Office?

The answer is NO. we stopped offering physical on on one training after comparing our online students with students that come for physical classes. Our online students are performing better than physical students, even before the COVID-19 we stopped the physical classess we only hold workshops from time to time (we dont believe in seminars)

I Don't Have a Laptop. Can I use a Smartphone to Trade Forex?

To be honest, laptop is way better than smartphone but you can start with a smart phone and get a laptop later. Our training is sectioned for both laptop users and we also have a section specially designed for smartphone users.

I Have learned Forex Trading Before but I Ended up Regretting Joining the Training. What Makes Your Program Different?

This is the only Forex Trading Mentoring program in Nigeria adopting the system we are using to deliver our guidance to students. Because of the fear some of our nes students have, we sectioned the trainng into 3 parts so you can pay for mont one. When you enjoy the training and will like to proceed, then you pay for month two and three respectively.

I'm Not a Beginner. Can I Skip Month One or Month One and Month Two and Jump to Month Three or VIP Section?

The answer is NO. In this program, you will need to unlearn the wrong orientation and relearn new ideas and trading concepts different from the popular approach most Forex Traders are using right now. To understand our trading philosophy, you need to go through our orientation stages and understand our ways of thinking and acting when it comes to Forex Trading.

At what stage will I start trading?

You start trading the first week of your training. You will be introduced to a learning account NOT DEMO which will be opened by you in lesson 3 week one (The guideline in opening this live account is given in your training).

I'm very Busy and my Work only Gives me few Hours for Myself. Is this Program for Me?

As long as you can devote 4 hours per week to learn and implement the guidelines we will give you, it's absolutely for you. The training is not live so it's impossible for you to miss classes.

Still have questions? You can post a new question on the FTIC App or send a WhatsApp message to 08185990414.

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