This Section is For Graduates of the 3 Month Forex Treasure Map Course Only

Membership Instructions

Please pay attention to every instruction and information in this program. This is not guesswork, it's a tested and effective method of trading Forex which is only available through this program.

This platform is strictly for FTIC Students who have completed our initial three month intensive training and traded with the learning account for at least three months.

Forex Trading is a risky business. Please don't continue with this platform unless you have completed your first three month training. There is a considerable risk involved in Forex Trading.

If you have questions at any time please call: 08185990414.

Members Resources

Access to Our Trading Room: As a member of this VIP Section of FTIC, you have access to our trading room where we share live trade alerts and market insights. The videos below give you instructions on the 7 Principles that guide our trading and how to use our trading room.

You also have access to our Telegram Group where you meet fellow members just like you and enjoy our new trading room where we share live trade instructions & trade signals.

The group link has been added after the induction videos.

Our Trading Rules

Rule #1. Never borrow money from a friend or use money that is not yours to trade Forex. Trade only with your money knowing the risks involved We will guide you in placing the right trades and share strategies that increases your profit but we are not promising you overnight riches.

Rule #2. Always use the Lot Size Calculation Formula and the Risk to Reward Ratio Analysis we will show you (Please don't break this rule)

Rule #3.Before executing our trade signals, please carefully read the parameters and trade entry instructions before entering trades.

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DO NOT Access These Resources Unless You've Gone Through the Induction Videos You can click on the respective button below to go through your materials for this month. Each Month is a 30 Day Period calculated from your date of access to this platform.

Each Month is a 30 Day Period calculated from your date of access to this platform.


It is Mandatory That You Attend the VIP Orientation Class Before Continuing With the Advanced Training and Resources in the VIP Section

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Explaining the 7 Principles to Follow as A Forex Trader & an FTIC Member.

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